How to Identify and Profit from the next big Stock winners!

– Have you ever tried trading and get frustrated with selling too early?

– Are you frustrated with your results?

– Do you want to learn to make more successful trades?

There are hidden trends in the market that professional and experienced traders use to trade more successfully! And you can learn them too!

Come join me for this easy session where I will share some simple tips in the market that can help you to improve your trading and investments and make money!

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GY Wealth Portfolio Management Services

Just would like to share with all our readers. Besides holding Technical Analysis classes, One of the services that I provide – Wealth portfolio management.

It includes the following:

  • A one-stop shop offering a wide range of wealth management services.
  • offering exposure to a comprehensive range of funds by world-leading asset managers.
  • Discretionary portfolio management of your selected Investment-Linked policies by an experienced manager with 10 years of experience.
  • Superior service for clients.
  • Dollar cost averaging to maximize the benefits of long-term investing and regular savings.
  • Achieve the dual goals of wealth protection and capital appreciation.
  • One to one bespoke portfolio consultancy.

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One important thing – before you build your wealth portfolio…..

Paying off High-interest Credit Card Debts….

Many people have been asking me if they have lots of debt, what should they do and how?  Today, I will share what is the first most important thing to do before starting to build and grow wealth……

To complete one’s financial portfolio is to have a plan to pay off the high-interest credit card debts.

  • Take balance sheet you have prepared, and number all of your debts by the interest rate you are paying- State the highest as first, then following by the lower one.
  • Write down how much you can afford to pay to reduce debt each month from teh salary.
  • When you have strike a balance, cross the card off your list and put it in a drawer (do not use the card and not charge to it again.)
  • Write down on paper- any bad habits that are draining the salary each month. Is it buying cigarettes? is it spending too much on online gambling? Streamline and reduce expenses.
  • Continue this process until all of the outstanding accounts are paid-in-full.

The process is lengthy and may take months or even years. The key is to avoid making new extra expenses and find extra money to pay down debt faster. Having credit cards are not harmful after all. In fact, credit cards can be a valuable financial tool if used responsibly.

One should also consider speaking with a credit counsellor should one still have difficulties trying to follow a plan to pay off debt.


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GY Technical Analysis Class

Saturday, Oct 7, 2017, 9:30 AM

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103 penang rd #02-03 S238467 Singapore, SG

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Venue: Vision Crest Commerical Building Level 2- 103 Penang Rd Singapore [masked])Date: 7 Oct 2017Time: 930 am to 1130amSeats: LimitedTopic:  Basics TA – (For all newcomers and refreshers)-Explanation of Technical analysis?-Why use charting?-Types of Charts.-Identifying and drawing of Trendlines.-Identifying and drawing of Support and resis…

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5 tips to Building a good stock portfolio

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Many people asked me how to build a stock portfolio…what should I do? how should I do?

Here are 5 tips to share:

  1. Set a Goal – First set a plan with a practical timeline. for eg build a 50k stock portfolio within 5 years. Building up regularly with a savings plan?
  2. Select the market – choose the market to enter
  3. Determine risk – check on how much risk can you take on. More conservative ones should consider a dividend yield plan whereas the higher risk takers can take on a thematic play like tech sector, property sector.
  4. Find a good platform – As there are many choices out there, do consider one that suits your needs. For eg, iFast offers a cheap and good platform for retail investors.
  5. Review – do constantly review your portfolio to check for risks, news. Alongside, one should rebalance or restructure the portfolio should there be situation changes. I do suggest a half-yearly review to check on the health of the portfolio.